PictureLewis Black - 'Me of Little Faith'
And I don't care either! Barring some fringe "the mother ship is coming", or "snake handlers" cult, I agree with Lewis. Check out his rant, then I'll continue ... >>>

Religion is an important part of a religious person's life ,,, well, duhhhh! But does being religious make a person smarter? More athletic? More honest? (careful, remember the televangelists). More virtuous? (think Catholic priest). Do they have more integrity? ( uh, Jimmy Swaggart)

The point is -  being religious doesn't automatically confer any great attribute to a person. You can be a terrific Christian, but a lousy General. A dedicated Mormon, but crummy business person. etc. etc. So why do some people think it's their most important qualification for leadership?

I want a leader to have integrity and intelligence. If he has a strong religious foundation, great. If he doesn't, that's ok too. Just as long as he has what it takes to perform in the role he has achieved. You can be the most religiously upright person in the world, but you can also still be as dumb as a rock

I'm not picking on religion. I think faith is a corner stone of the foundation of a person's character. But barring the loony extremes, I don't care what that faith is. Of course I want a leader's values to align with mine, but I also want a smart leader. I want a leader that is capable, not just pious. If you have to tell me how religious you are ... well, maybe you're not.


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