This was the original concept for Star Trek until Spock got involved. I know it's dumb and chauvinistic, but still funny as hell, especially the ending. Even if you're "above" this kind of comedy, at least fast-forward to see the ending.
These are hilarious. Or at least I think so. Be sure to check out the choices at the bottom of the video when the first one ends.
Reuters: New York Wire, Seymor Longjohn.
Art is everywhere. New York's Museum of Modern Art, at 5th & Broad Streets, knows that art appeals on many levels. Tossing aside the short-sighted "Look, but Don't Touch" mindset of  typical gallery displays, the museum decided a new $8.5 million dollar face-lift and modernization project could expand it's display capabilities beyond just the gallery floor.

The NYMMA has never been afraid of exposing themselves to industry criticism, and the first indication they were willing to take the long-view that art is everywhere, was their choice of Asian designer C. MeiDong to lead the project. His erection of visual enticements throughout the display floor was designed to encourage visitors to see everything the artist had to offer.

Based on his previous public exposure, MeiDong was seen as the perfect choice to take the project in hand and guide it to completion. The NYMMA is encouraging all art lovers to visit and meet the current display artists, and C. MeiDong.


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